New Fashions

Keep up with the changing contemporary looks and styles. Fashion is constantly evolving, and new fashion trends are emerging all the time. Designers are under pressure each season to produce innovative new fashions and styles, garments that will make a positive impression on the buyers and purchasers for the majors stores and distributers as well as on the press and media interested in new fashions.

New Fashions Made From Natural Fibres

The comfort and natural warmth and breathability of clothes made from natural fibres is unrivaled. For many, the 21st century is a time of reflection, where we think about what the human race is doing to the planet Earth, and how our life choices are affecting the wider environment. We think about sustainability, and the natural balance of things.

We weigh up the low cost, short-lifetime, mass produced garments made of artificial fibres on one side, against the higher priced, better quailty, longer lasting garments, made of natural fibres, produced in a more sustainable and less environmentally harmful way on the other. Which way is your balance tilting?

Natural fibres can be blended to achieve the benefits of each type. The New Zealanders blend the fur from possums with the fine wool of the Merino sheep. This possum-merino blend is characterised by its gentle softness and warmth. It is so fine and smooth it can be worn directly next to the skin. It also resists forming pills (balling). The possum fur reduces the weight of the garment and also stabilises it against shrinkage during washing.